00_The Lost Mariner
02_In the Cracks between the Piano Keys
04_Tempus Fugit
07_Boîte á musique inachevée
08_Diorama Mirror

Boîte à musique inachevée

Noise and Sound are the same entity.
Frequencies and time steps generate craters in the flux of Silence.

Here you will meet a blurred light.
Shu is not the pure piano any more.

Some sampling elements of this album are:
- Microtones
- Blocked dynamics
- Rythms
- Total chromatic
- Theremin with real-time processing
- Ligeti's influence elements
- A shot with a Light Gas Gun

Shu is linked with a usb key bracelet, the design of the prototype was developed by Cleo's studio, thanks to Iasmin Abou Shareb.
The tracks are in files at 48 kHz – 24 bit and the master, created by Paolo Bernardini, has an acoustic range near to the vinyl discs.
The Chinese ideogram representing ‘Shu’ is on the earliest known example of Chinese writing, the oracle bone script. Shu was shaped as a vegetable, representing a cereal.
While Chinese history was alternating dynasties and emperors, in classical texts shu first became a town's street, a road, then a method, a trick, an art.
Today shu still maintains its main meaning, that combined with other characters can produce a variety of new words and significances.
Shu is art and technology, martial art and sorcery, talent and capability.
Shu is the spark of beauty that characterizes a work of fine art.
On the hands of a good doctor, shu is surgery, the skill to operate patients.
During a war, shu is the military tactic that can tell the winner from the loser.
The capacity of reading the stars' path in the sky: shu is astrology and divination.

When dealing with power, shu offers a political trickery to get rid of opponents.
Witches, demons and supernatural entities are all radiating shu, a magical kind of force.
Shu is the stratagem that, with a good amount of wisdom, will help to get through a bad moment.
And what is arithmetic, if not the shu, the ability to compute?