Pas de Deux



Leonardo Barilaro and Alessandra Odoardi created this dance and piano duo in 2011, following to deep emotions they were simultaneously feeling at the sight of dawn in two different countries: Malta and England.
The duo gave life to a conceptual show, ‘Haiku Jewel Boxes’, a Journey of complementary discoveries inside our inner spirit, where the final destination is the Way itself. From this show, 3 official videoclips were shooted: ‘selfPortrait', 'Hidden Looks' and 'Variation on Azadi'.
In this experimental project, music and dance meet, lightly touch and melt together.
Sound and movement are core and light, pulse and breath, source and purpose. When separated, one will only have a blurred and partial vision of reality, a misleading beauty, a mutilated essence.
Our body is the greatest witness of the flowing of time, of the memories and the feelings we are made of. And through Silence, it allows the best listening of the flux of sounds and vibrations.


Hidden Looks