RESEARCH 2008-2019

• Design (CFD and structural) of a non pyrotechnic actuated valve for a hybrid rocket.
• Design of the fluid dynamical and mechanical high pressure system of a two stage Light Gas Gun (LGG) for hypervelocity impacts (HVI).

2009 - 2011
• Measurement techniques for assessing and reducing the risk posed by Micrometeoroid and Orbital Debris (M/OD) to Space vehicles:
- Risk assessment methodology, impacts phenomenology and design methods.
- Experimental methods (i.e. acceleration techniques and diagnostic instrumentation).
- Engineering models (i.e. measurements of the effects of the M/OD and damage equations).
*Activities funded by ESA, ASI, JAXA, Thales Alenia Space

• SCRAT Experiment for ESA REXUS-BEXUS Programme:
- Structural and pneumatic design of a rechargeable cold gas actuator to test trust in the stratosphere.
- Design of the shaft in composite material, reservoir and pneumatic valve.
  Website - The SCRAT Experiment

• Development of a single stage light gas gun: Structural and fluid dynamic design.

• Design of a new type of sabot stopping system for a single stage light gas gun (LGG).
• Optimizing, assembling and testing of a new LGG first stage reservoir.
• Designing a procedure to test the cables of tethered satellites.

2013 - 2014
• Structural and CFD design development for new integrated combustion systems.
• Development and optimization of “VESTA”, a system providing an estimate of Lambda (excess air) in real time through the digital analysis of the information contained in the plasma generated by a the gas burner.

• Development (CFD and testing) of the HVAC system for the new Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio.

• Development (structural and testing) of new subsystems for the automotive industry.
• Development of a switch with magnetic actuation for main controller of the central console of Alfa Giulia.

2017- 2019
• SMARTCOPTER: Mechanical design of the fixation mechanism for a hybrid gyroplane with detachable pod.
• NEVAC: CFD simulations and experimental activity for a novel cooling technique for batteries.
• CLEAN FLIGHT 2: DoE and activities management for a software tool to optimize flights ascent and descent phase.
• KERS-Air: Design of a kinetic energy recovery system for a landing aircraft.
• CADETS: Development of a calorimetric detection system for hypervelocity impacts (in collaboration with University of Padova and Oxford University)

• BEA: First multi-drone system in the world to support and monitor the safety of divers.

• Lecturer (part-time) in Aviation for MCAST


• Senior Lecturer in Aviation for MCAST