RESEARCH 2008-2023

• Design (CFD and structural) of a non pyrotechnic actuated valve for a hybrid rocket.
• Design of the fluid dynamical and mechanical high pressure system of a two stage Light Gas Gun (LGG) for hypervelocity impacts (HVI).

2009 - 2011
• Measurement techniques for assessing and reducing the risk posed by Micrometeoroid and Orbital Debris (M/OD) to Space vehicles:
- Risk assessment methodology, impacts phenomenology and design methods.
- Experimental methods (i.e. acceleration techniques and diagnostic instrumentation).
- Engineering models (i.e. measurements of the effects of the M/OD and damage equations).
*Activities funded by ESA, ASI, JAXA, Thales Alenia Space

• SCRAT Experiment for ESA REXUS-BEXUS Programme:
- Structural and pneumatic design of a rechargeable cold gas actuator to test trust in the stratosphere.
- Design of the shaft in composite material, reservoir and pneumatic valve.
Website - The SCRAT Experiment

• Development of a single stage light gas gun: Structural and fluid dynamic design.

• Design of a new type of sabot stopping system for a single stage light gas gun (LGG).
• Optimizing, assembling and testing of a new LGG first stage reservoir.
• Designing a procedure to test the cables of tethered satellites.

2013 - 2014
• Structural and CFD design development for new integrated combustion systems.
• Development and optimization of “VESTA”, a system providing an estimate of Lambda (excess air) in real time through the digital analysis of the information contained in the plasma generated by a the gas burner.

• Development (CFD and testing) of the HVAC system for the new Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio.

• Development (structural and testing) of new subsystems for the automotive industry.
• Development of a switch with magnetic actuation for main controller of the central console of Alfa Giulia.

2017- 2019
• SMARTCOPTER: Mechanical design of the fixation mechanism for a hybrid gyroplane with detachable pod.
• NEVAC: CFD simulations and experimental activity for a novel cooling technique for batteries.
• CLEAN FLIGHT 2: DoE and activities management for a software tool to optimize flights ascent and descent phase.
• KERS-Air: Design of a kinetic energy recovery system for a landing aircraft.
• CADETS: Development of a calorimetric detection system for hypervelocity impacts (in collaboration with University of Padova and Oxford University)

• BEA: First multi-drone system in the world to support and monitor the safety of divers.

• Lecturer (part-time) in Aviation for MCAST


• Senior Lecturer in Aerospace Engineering for MCAST - The Malta College for Art, Science and Technology

- Research Area: Technology and Measurements for Aerospace, Space Debris

MALETH 3 mission - Bioscience experiment to the International Space Station, with SpaceX CRS27 mission. Payload integration tests at Space Application Services
Development of the first hypervelocity impact facility in Malta, designing a single-stage light-gas gun to test materials and subsystems for aviation and aerospace applications.(IPAS+ 2021 awarded by MCST)
Spacecraft shield preparing using cold-welding adhesion (in collaboration with SETU, Ireland)
Analysis of optical surfaces for aerospace under hypervelocity impacts (in collaboration with INAF, Italy)
Combustion integrated characterization for aviation applications ((in collaboration with CNR, Italy)

- Lecturing portfolio

MSc in Aerospace Engineering:
Measurements for Aerospace
Aircraft Propulsion
Aerospace Structures II

BSc in Mechanical Engineering:
Applied Thermodynamics

Maleth 3 - Space Mission


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